Payment Terms

Payment Cash or Business Checks only. 

Other payment options Coming Soon...

Damaged/Replacement Charges

  • Replacement cost will be accessed on any equipment due to lost, theft, abused
    or any damage to the rental merchandise by the customer.
  • Repair cost will be adjusted after the equipment has been repaired or replaced.
  • Security deposit will be refunded after the equipment has been
    returned and counted by our staff.

Delivery Service

  • Rates are based on first floor delivery to your door or backyard.
  • Any additional floor case extra charge.
  • Customers are responsible to ensure that the delivery premises are available between the Company business days and hours or otherwise agreed on contract.

Pick Up/Drop Off Service

  • Tables and Chairs must be folded and stacked in the same location as delivered.
  • Dishes and linens must be placed in the same crates/rack or bags as delivered.
  • If the equipment is unavailable for pick up on the agreed time and date and additional charge will made or otherwise agreed by management.

Delivery and Pickup Fees

  • Delivery and Pick Up charge $25
  • Manhattan minimum order $100
  • Brooklyn minimum order $50
  • Queens minimum order $50
  • Staten Island minimum order $50
  • Nassau county minimum order $50
  • Suffolk County minimum order $100 

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